Gallery Seventeen: 2014

As I've said, I have an MA from UCLA in Theater Arts. There, I won a Samuel Goldwyn Award for playwriting. I probably could have entered the world of Hollywood screen writing without much difficulty. Instead, I moved back to Stanford to be near the man I wanted to marry. Also the Stanford Classics department wanted me for a doctoral candidate, and gave me a full fellowship. After three years I quit rather abruptly, got married and raised three girls. But I never stopped writing fiction (which my attempts to publish were both bruising to the psyche and in the end unsuccessful) and painting, which I sold quite readily, but not in any organized fashion. When my eldest daughter went off to UC Santa Barbara, all this changed, I started painting and writing again in earnest. The painting I have documented in detail. My first novel, titled "Belshangles," is due to be published October 2015, following its progress to the Semi Finals round of the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. My artist's website will probably sport a link soon to my (as yet nonexistent) author's website.